Scan-1 4 Android Demo vDEMO APK for Android

Scan-1 for Android (Free Demo/Evaluation Version for tablets)
The Scan-1 for Android is an OBD-II (ELM327) based diagnostic system. Based on the long running Scan-1 for Windows, this is a professional grade scanner and information system. It is loaded with “Troubleshooting Videos” geared for specific tests, “Automated Tests”, “Off-Range PID” flagging, Advanced Graphing and more. Here’s what you’ll get with this Android Version:
COMMUNICATION Section – At a glance Get VIN number, check eng. light status, comm-protocol and quick codes present. You can also change scanner speed for slower ECMs, print-reports, connect via Skype and an “Instructor” engine and component simulator made for school/instructors for in class use (free) in future versions.
DTC CODES Section – Here you don’t just get current codes, pending codes, erase codes. You also get “DTC-Code Video” help, Web-Based DTC search, DTC-Code setting criteria or how the code was set and DTC-Diagnostic Flowcharts to use during repairs. In OBD-II is not just getting codes, it’s what you do with it that counts.
OBD-II PID PARAMETER Section – Access to all 85 OBD-II PIDs or parameters. We developed the Scan-1 to conform to the SAE-J1979 OBD-II specifications, which were updated in 2012. Not only do you get PIDs, but also “Selected PIDs” for faster refresh-rate, PID-Graphing and “PID-Video Troubleshooter”, which videos explain what each PID does and means for you.
QUICK FREEZE-FRAME Section – Get the available data found in the OBD-II freeze-frames.
OBD-II MONITORS Section – OBD-II monitors will let you know if the ECM tests (monitors) are supported and if they were set to complete or not. An indispensable piece of data needed when diagnosing a car.
EVAP SYSTEM SEAL Section – Yes, all OBD-II CAN vehicles have to, by law be able to seal the VENT valve. You know how important this is during pesky EVAP repairs. You also get scanner/ECM supported EVAP pressure/vacuum and EVAP Commanded Vent valve status. The rest you do with the appropriate tools. Help is also built-into this section.
AUTOMATED GRAPHING Section – Just press a button and the Scan-1 screen will configure itself for the particular issue you’re facing.
AUTOMATED TESTS Section – An advanced feature seen only on the Scan-1 is the “Automated Tests”. By just pressing a button the Scan-1 will retrieve PIDs at a very fast-rate (depending on ECM), run the retrieved data through an algorithmic formula or fancy word for a Pass/Fail result feature and then guide you with information neded on how to continue the repair. No other OBD-II tool has this feature.
BIGGIE MODE Secton – As requested by many of my customers, this is a simple big PID show section to be glanced at from afar.
OBD-II MODE-06 Section – Yes, Mode 6 was decoded on CAN vehicles and here, it is exposed with many feature rich contextual help.
MISFIRE COUNTERS Section – This is also part of the mandated J1979 OBD-II protocol. Yes, misfire counters on CAN vehicles is available here in an easy-to-read BAR Graph user interface.
TECHLINE Help – The Techline is a way for the user to get the needed help during a tough diagnostic. This is an optional paid service allowing you to pay for the specific vehicle case once, then get one-on-one help if so desired.
The Scan-1 for Android is meant for professional technicians and DIYers alike. Works on any ELM-327 interface (not included).
Note: This is a non-functional FREE DEMO-Evaluation Version. Send us an e-mail with any questions.

Download APK(1.2MB)

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