MyDots v1.1 APK for Android

-Keep track of your remaining battery on your wireless earphones and speakers.
-Have a permanent notification with the battery status when the device is connected.
This functionality is EXPERIMENTAL. It might not work on all devices. Please send me an email if it doesn’t work for you, describing the behavior and mentioning your phone model. Many manufacturers have aggressive policies on background processes, namely Xiaomi and Samsung.
—> For XIAOMI phones: go to app settings, make sure you allow autostart, allow notifications and set “battery saver” to “no restrictions”, and under “other permissions” allow “permanent notification”, “display pop-up windows while running in background” and “shown on lock screen”. After that, manually open the app from your launcher.
Supported models:
Xiaomi Air Dots
Xiaomi Air Dots Pro
Xiaomi Air Dots Pro 2
Xiaomi Air Dots 2 SE
Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Mi Speaker
Mi Pocket Speaker 2
TWS Honor Choice X1
Niceboy HIVCE
Your device is not supported? Mail me and maybe I’ll add it 🙂
If your device was supposed to work and does not, please send me an email. I do not own all of them, so I couldn’t test it myself.

Download XAPK(4.2MB)

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