Bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n balls v1.2.0 APK for Android download

Bricks breaker challenge: bricks n balls is the most amazing and addictive game that will bring you joy and relax your brain in times of stress. You can pass your quarantine and will definitely enjoy the puzzle breaker challenge. Bomb the brick. It is a break out battle with glowing balls, just balance your glowing balls with the holder and target the bricks to complete the brickout challenge. Enjoy the bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n Balls with different modes of play, colourful balls available.
This bricks breaker quest is free for all users.
🧱 Challenge your friend to play “bricks vs balls” on one device Hot feature 🧱
This most amazing thing about this breaker quest is that it’s free to play, you can play it when you travel from one place to another with friends or when you are on date with your partner, it’s a war of brickout. Get this arcade game Bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n balls for free. You will definitely enjoy our best ball crusher game which has colorful, attractive design and sound of glowing balls while crushing brick wall. This will amaze you, just burst the bricks enjoy the brick breaker puzzle and get free items after completing tasks. Hundreds of stages to breakout with different and hard structure are more enjoyable and are able to remove stress of brain, be a brick crusher. Use these items for breaking wall.
Enjoy the brick breaker puzzle to collect items by completing tasks. Download Bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n balls for free.
WHY PLAY Bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n balls?
🔥 Its free for all users – No Internet required (offline playable)
🔥 Mode for two people to play breaker quest on one device
🔥 Beautiful glow design and effect for break out
🔥 Colorful glowing & bouncy ball
🔥 Amusing and relaxing sounds while destroying wall
🔥 Interesting stages and challenging brick game
🔥 Strategy related tasks for bricks vs balls war
Initially there will be a line of glowing balls that will make block strike, try to make a combo to burst and crush bricks, become a leader to make quick bouncy ball strike.
Enjoy the beautiful effects and design of our bricks breaker challenge: Bricks n balls arcade game, play with your friends while you travel, do a battle of brick vs balls and release the stress of your brain. Glowing and fireworks effects of bouncy ball. Block strike with realistic design. Free for all users, Enjoy bricks crusher challenge.
This bricks breaker quest has four Modes
🧱 Boss Mode
🧱 Item Mode
🧱 Normal Mode
🧱 Bonus Mode
Boss mode consists of 1000 stages. (Boss A, Boss B, Boss C)
Item Mode consists of many supportive items that may help you to breakout, so collect all supportive items by playing Item Mode.
Play Normal mode to enjoy glowing balls effect and fireworks of bricks. Use items to bomb wall.
Bonus mode consists of 20 free stages.
🎮 How to play
Hold the screen swipe your finger, move aiming cursor to throw glowing balls.
Find best positions and angles to hit wall of bricks.
When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduces to 0, brick breaks.
Never let bricks reach the bottom otherwise game will over.
500 stages added
Mode for two people to play on one device
More skins of glowing balls
New bottom bar creation item that blocks the ball (To make game harder)
1. The data will be initialized when replacing the mobile phone terminal or deleting the application.
2. If you use the function to save as optional, important functions will be saved.
3. There are partial pay items and advertisements.
When using the application services, you are requesting access permission.
Photos, media, files: Used to store game data
External storage reading, writing: It is necessary for the use of the image of the game and various settings of the game and caching preservation.

Download APK(53.8MB)

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